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Welcome to Credit Training, Inc. 

For over 20 years, the Commercial Banking world has seen a drastic decrease in the skillset of Commercial and Corporate Analysts.  The number one reason is the lack of strong Commercial Credit Training.

Banks are always looking to mitigate risk.  A primary risk to any bank is lending.  The best way to mitigate the risk of lending is having Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Commercial Bankers and Credit Officers fully Credit Trained.  The loans may be an asset on the bank balance sheet but the risk of having a Commercial Department full of Bankers that are not fully Credit Trained is a liability to the bank. 

More and more Banks are turning back to Commercial Credit Training.  Over 30 Banks are using Credit Training, Inc. for their Commercial Credit Training needs.

Formally Credit Trained Analysts from Credit Training, Inc. are able to...


Protect the Banks Assets

  • With hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial portfolios an Analyst and Portfolio Manager is expected to manage, untrained Analysts and untrained Commercial Bankers are a risk to the banks they work for.

Strategically grow the Banks Assets

  • Balancing risk while driving growth is a primary challenge for Banks.

Are high performers and more engaged employees of the Bank.

  • Analysts from Credit Training, Inc. typically are high performers able to navigate through more complex deals faster than others. 

  • Analysts want to provide value to their Bank they work for.  Banks that provide the right Commercial Credit Training have Analysts that can handle larger, more complex and more profitable deals for the Bank.


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