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Banks want to grow assets, while protecting the Bank's assets.  It all starts with Analysts having solid formal Commercial Credit Training.



I would always rather help lift others up than push them down.  My Commercial Credit Training program was founded on this principal of "LIFTING OTHERS UP".  I was very fortunate to be a part of an amazing group that helped me when I started my Commercial Banking career and as others have helped me, I decided to help others. This "lifting" concept along with the virtual disappearance of Formal Credit Training and the related risk it has left in the industry are two key factors to the formation of Credit Training, Inc. in 2015.  


Credit Training, Inc. emerged from the lack of full Formal Commercial Credit Training which the large banking institutions required up to around the year 2000.  Since then, the Banking industry has witnessed a significant hole in properly skilled Analysts, Portfolio Managers and  Commercial Lenders that know how to analyze Financial Risk, especially on the C&I side of the Commercial World.

Financial Risk is where the debt is and proper Credit Training teaches Analysts how to understand and analyze that risk.  All of my students have gone on to do great things in the C&I world of Commercial Lending.  Almost 20 years without properly trained financial analysts has left the industry without portfolio management professionals able to take over decision making positions as older bankers retire and exit the industry.  It is a significant opportunity for young professionals to learn the skills needed to run and lead this industry.  Credit Training, Inc. is working in the Banking industry to start building a bench of strong Analysts that will one day be managing large, complex portfolios.

In addition:


  • C&I deals bring in more low-cost deposits, which are very profitable for the Bank.

  • C&I deals brings in higher margin lending opportunities than CRE deals.

  • Regulators have been dinging Banks for having too much CRE concentration. Regulators like the diversification.

  • C&I deals bring in more Cash Management Income opportunities, which are also “sticky services”.

  • Reading and understanding financial statements for Manufacturing and Service companies and understanding their businesses has a high level of complexity to it and Credit Trained Commercial Bankers are the best way to cultivate lasting relationships with these Commercial Clients.



David Nicholson, the founder and instructor for Credit Training, Inc. has been teaching analysts for approximately 15 years.  As the industry has been left void of strong Analysts, David has helped new Analysts over the years giving them analytical direction in an industry that can be overwhelming with information and analytics.  He has developed numerous techniques and disciplines which have evolved into a full formal Commercial Credit Training course.

Students need to take a stringent final exam and finish a final project which includes spreads, DSC, collateral, AR Aging appendix and a full written analysis.  Students that pass have been injected into the Commercial World of Banking with exceptional success rates. 

In the past almost 10 years, David Nicholson is proud to state that over 300 students have been Formally Credit Trained through Credit Training, Inc.  Banker & Tradesman has written about Credit Training, Inc. on the cover of the May 16, 2016  edition.  American Banker has written two articles on Credit Training, Inc. in its August 2018 editions.  Charlotte Business Journal has written an article in its October 21, 2019 edition.  UMass Amherst is giving 3 Credits to Accounting and Finance students for the successful completion of this Credit Training course.

Currently, over 30 banks are using CTI's Credit Training and more signing up. 


Students typically sit in a conference room at work or remotely for the 2 hour classes then get right back to work.  The three month course is two mornings a week with each class being 2 hours.  Classes last approximately 2.5 months with the final project adding another 2 weeks.

This class is live and fully interactive so students can take the class online being able to see and interact with the screen and students as if they are sitting in the same room.  This has allowed students outside the unlimited geographic areas to take the class as if they were in the class.   

David Nicholson
Owner - Instructor

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David Nicholson had been in Commercial Banking for 23 years.  Starting in 1997 at Fleet Financial Group where Mr. Nicholson received his Credit Training.  Since 1997, David has analyzed and structured deals for hundreds of companies ranging from Large Corporate publicly traded companies to smaller Middle Market deals.  David has been teaching Credit for over 10 years and started teaching Formal C&I Credit Training in 2015. 

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